Classify ABC by its angles if mA=32 and mB=55

Accepted Solution

Answer:Obtuse triangleStep-by-step explanation:To classify a triangle by it's angles, we need to find the third angle.Remember for all triangles, the sum of the interior angles must equal 180°.If we know ΔABC has these angles:m∡A = 32°m∡B = 55°Then the third angle is cab found found with:m∡C = 180° - (m∡A + m∡B)Substitute the angles A and B, then solve.m∡C = 180° - (32° + 55°)m∡C = 180° - 87°m∡C = 93°            Missing angle measureYou can classify triangles three ways using angles:Acute triangle: All angles are acute (less than 90°)Right triangle: One angle is a right angle (90°)Obtuse triangle: One angle is obtuse (greater than 90°)ΔABC has angles 32°, 55°, and 93°. Decide if they are acute, right or obtuse.32° and 55° are acute angles93° is an obtuse angle.If a triangle has one obtuse angle, then it is an obtuse triangle.∴ ΔABC is an obtuse triangle.